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Making Blank Buy-ins

Buy-In - Olive Wood w/Resin - Standard Blue - February/March 2023

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Buy-In for ~February/March 2023

Olive Wood w/Resin Boards
Standard Blue Rectangle 46x23cm or 40x30cm
Olive Wood w/Resin Coaster
Standard Blue Square 10x10x1cm

The MOQ listed is what we need to hit in order to place the order with the factory.

Please note the updated pricing as of 9/6/2022.  Freight shipping increased slightly on the last two orders delivered so this is now reflected in the buy-in cost.  There were no orders placed before the new prices came into effect but this may change your planning slightly.  Per request, we've added a 20 case (200 board) buy-in rate.

These are coming from China.


Does NOT include US shipping.  Shipping will be invoiced upon arrival. No minimum order required. If you need a shipping quote, please email or message the Making Blank Facebook page.

It is more work for us, but if you contribute to a long buy-in such as these, we do try to connect with you first via email before invoicing for shipping to see if you need to increase or decrease your order total.  A lot can change over 6 months and we try to be flexible to meet your needs.  Most updates are posted to our Facebook page and group.

RTS estimates subject to change

All boards have the color running through the middle of the board with the olive wood on both sides of the resin.  All coasters in this list are square have 1 section of resin and 1 section of olive wood.  Boards are 10 to a case. Coasters are 100 to a case.


Timeline & Logistics

This is a several month buy-in with arrival to the US ~February, 2023 and then to you in March.  If you contribute to a buy-in and the buy-in is delayed (ex. COVID), I will communicate as best I can to update you.  If we have passed the buy-in projected date and you need a refund, please let me know.  Once the shipment arrives, they'll be processed which can take 2-3 weeks and I try to factor this in the timeline projected.  Upon arrival, if we have enough extras in the order, I will offer buy-in contributions the chance to update their totals for more or less than what they initially ordered.  After that, remaining boards are released as Ready to Ship at RTS prices.  There are better prices if you are able to contribute to the buy-in.

Buy-in threshold - if we do not reach the initial buy-in threshold for each color to place our down payment for the order for that color by October 1, 2022, then we will cancel the buy-in for that color and contributions for that color will be refunded.  Alternately, we may decide to delay that color in production and have it run at a later time.  Any contributors will be provided the option to continue with their buy-in or have their contribution refunded, given the new timeline.

Similarly, once the boards have finished production, we must pay for the entire cost of the boards before they ship.  We must meet the 2nd threshold in contributions by this point in time or the order for the color will be delayed.
Boards come in a pearl foam bag that is inside a plain brown box.  This is much nicer for us as we can reuse the protective padding and box after engraving.

Coasters are in packs of 4 in a clear poly bag in a box, but I’m willing to split out to singles.  Ex - if you choose 4, you are choosing 4 singles, not 4 sets of 4 (16).  Case rates are not broken up.  If you order a case, you receive the full case.


Single Options:

I check each single coaster/board before packaging for your order to ensure quality.  This does take a lot of time.  A single coaster is just that, 1(one) coaster.  If you want a pack of 4(four) coasters, then you need to select 4(four) singles.

Case Options: 

I do not check each coaster/board for quality.  You'll get some that are more unique and have resin on the edges.  There is a chance there is an air bubble in the resin, planer marks on the board, or filled insect tunnels.  If the outside of the case is damaged upon delivery to me, I will not ship that case to you.  It will be processed to pull out singles.  The last shipment we received had 0% breakage.  However another supplier received a shipment and had some breakage.  Again, I will not ship the case from me if the case appears damaged in any way.

Boards are 10 to a case. Coasters are 100 to a case.



Re: resin - the factory has an FDA certificate indicating the boards have been tested and are food safe, which I’m happy to share upon request. My research indicates that resin can be used for cutting boards but would advise to not do heavy chopping. I would encourage you to do your own research if you have concerns.
Follow Making Blank or Making Blank Group on Facebook for updates on the boards, ideas for how to use them, and engraving settings.  For the Glowforge, so far I've liked 1000 speed, 100 power, 270 LPI.