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Buy-in: 17" FINISHED EDGE Acacia Platter ETA September 2023 to Washington

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Buy-In: ETA to Palouse, Washington is September 2023.

17" Acacia Platter - FINISHED EDGE

Now available in finished edge so there is no front or back of the board and you can use the best side that fits your project without worry of how the live edge is facing.


No MOQ (minimum order quantity)

Single With QA - each board is inspected for quality. Ships via UPS from 99161.
Each board is individually inspected for quality assurance(QA).  Boards are packed into appropriate size box with padding.

9/case Without QA - does not include US shipping to you.  Ships via UPS from 99161.
The case is not processed for misfits.  If the case is intact upon delivery to Making Blank, a new label is created and then the case is sent to you.  You will receive both good boards and "misfit" boards in the case.  There is about a 20% misfit rate using Making Blank's quality assurance (QA) inspections.  Misfits are boards with larger wood fill, cracks, warping, or many small wood fills.  


Sourced direct from factory, these boards are a product of India.

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Laser machine engrave settings vary by machine and style preference.  For the Glowforge: I prefer 1000 speed, full power, 340 LPI or 270 LPI.  You do need to remove the crumb tray. 

All photos in this listing are available for your use.


Shipping not included unless stated otherwise.  Shipping for buy-ins is calculated when the order arrives and is packaged for you.  You will be invoiced through for the shipping amount.  We always look for the most economical option to get items to you.  Unlike most vendors, items on buy-in that arrive are sent to you when they arrive, not when your full order is ready.  So if you order items on different delivery timelines and place them in the same order, they are not fulfilled together unless you specifically contact Shishona to notify of this. or message