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Acacia Grater - Buy-in - Washington

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ETA 4-6 weeks after production begins.  Production will begin when we hit MOQ of 100. 
Buy-in price - $10
RTS price - $14

Ships from Palouse, Washington

This cheese grater is a fan favorite in our household.  The kids fight over who gets to grate the cheese now and we are no longer buying pre-shredded bags of cheese! 

The metal grater is dishwasher safe. The acacia wood is oiled and can be wiped clean with a damp rag and put back away.  The wood should be oiled regularly when you oil your cutting boards.  

I like deep and dark engraves.  For a Glowforge Pro, I use 1000 speed/full power/225 or 270 LPI (depending on the design detail).  The crumb tray does need removed to engrave these in the Glowforge.

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Shipping not included.  Shipping for buy-ins is calculated when the order arrives and is packaged for you.  You will be invoiced through for the shipping amount.  We always look for the most economical option to get items to you.  Unlike most vendors, items on buy-in that arrive are sent to you when they arrive, not when your full order is ready.  So if you order items on different delivery timelines and place them in the same order, they are not fulfilled together unless you specifically contact Shishona to notify of this. or message