Making Blank Buy-Ins

Making Blank was created as a support for the laser community to source blanks and run buy-ins.

A buy-in is a bulk order from a supplier that multiple people contribute to. You often have to wait for the items to be made and arrive, sometimes a long time (6 months) but the cost is less. Factories often have an MOQ(minimum order quantity) which is how they can offer the prices they do. When we can order the MOQ or more together, then we individually can get smaller amounts for better prices than retailers and some wholesalers provide.

If we can’t get a cheaper cost than just buying it through a store, Amazon, etc, then we generally won’t run a buy-in. However, if there seems to be a popular item that places can’t keep in stock, then we may consider running a buy-in for it if a factory can be found. Supply chain issues are still causing issues everywhere. Making Blanks' goal is to help you secure the items you need for your business and in the quantities you need to succeed. If you can plan ahead and order to secure your quantity, this is the place for you.

Unofficial Official Buy-In Policy

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